Unlined or Lined Shoes

The shoes listed below are just a sample of the shoes we can supply both new lined and unlined.

BC/97 WVA19094 RW/21/22 WVA19908/19909
BC/98 WVA19032 SJ/22/23 WVA19516/19515
FU/4/5 WVA19370/19369 VL/87 WVA19090
IL/66/67/3 WVA19036/19037 VL/88 WVA19071
RW/9/13 WVA19604/19605

Reline & Bonding relines new or refurbished shoes to a high standard.

Refurbishment will include removing grease, shotblasting, finishing, painting and inspecting throughout the process before relining accordingly.