Brake Linings

Brake linings remain the main product manufactured and today, we produce for trucks over 3.5 tonnes, suitable for British, European, American, Japanese and Chinese fitments (in total over 500 references).

For bus & coach we make in PSV qualities for prime performance result in stop/start operations and long distance journeys.

Nutexa linings are fitted as original equipment to some of the largest buses in the UK, USA, Canada & the Far East.

Brake Sizes
Drum diameters 280mm to 550mm
Inside Radius 140mm to 250mm
Thickness 6mm to 23mm
Widths 50mm to 280mm
Tapers to numerous thicknesses

Included with the fast moving and popular references, We make friction for trailers, low loaders, multi-axle, rigid draw-bar & semi trailers, mobile cranes and also cater for the niche market for horse trailers, caravans, industrial farming trailers.

We also specialise in applications no longer available in the aftermarket, including agricultural trailers, special commercial trailers & off-highway equipment.

We produce in small quantities for vehicles 50/60 years old kept by museums, vintage clubs, enthusiasts, operators of tourist buses & old military vehicles.