VW T5/6 Nutexa Brake Pads

VW T5/6 Nutexa Brake Pads

Nutexa Frictions Ltd
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Nutexa brake pads can be applied as a straight replacement throughout a full range of manufacturers and offer a precise fit to any standard calipers. If you have upgraded your calipers then big brake kit pads are available.

Benefits of the Nutexa Brake Pads

  • ECE R 90 approved
  • Excellent wear, fade and vibration free characteristics
  • Chamfered edge friction creates a more responsive and smoother braking feel
  • Efficient and responsive braking from cold to hot temperatures
  • None aggressive friction technology
  • Install and forget confidence to all calipers
  • Excellent sheer strength resistance
  • Nominal friction coefficient 0.41